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Welcome Bro Namath and Judge Gavel to Team GGN

We let the cat out of the bag a bit by listing it on our masthead and announcing it in today's Flight Connections, but I ask everybody to welcome GGN'ers Bro Namath and Judge Gavel to the site as Moderators. The site has grown at an incredible rate. We are now to the point where Matt, Dave, and I cannot direct traffic on our own so we have asked these two valued members of our community to help us make sure comments stay appropriate.

I think it's fair to say we don't run a very strict ship. Members who break community guidelines usually get multiple warnings before they are banned. Bro and Judge will be here to make sure coversations stay at a high quality.

Rather than tell you exactly what they'll be doing, I'll just give you Bro's terrific summary, which I'll post after the jump.

The biggest change you will see with me is greater self censorship. More than taking action I’m going to attempt to lead by example. This means I can’t allow it to be personal anymore. Ever. Maybe I’m not expected to adhere that strictly but those are my own standards and I’m not going to demand any behavior I couldn’t expect from myself.

Things I will be doing/what you should expect:

To always be warned first, unless you do something so heinous that your presence cannot be tolerated. If somebody seriously crosses the line I will get rid of them until John hops on and we discuss it.

To have all of your questionable content hidden, not deleted. This is as much for my protection as your freedom of speech.

To be warned for your excessive profanity. I can and will tolerate swearing sparingly. All things in moderation. Like it or not young audiences follow football and read SB nation blogs. If it happens rarely, fine. say the S word when Sanchez throws a pick if it will keep you from beating your dog, but don’t make it a fixture of your posts. And if you call somebody the C word or go on the offensive it will be hidden.

On that note, we’re going to cover two things where I will be a hardass, and show very little leniency.

The first are personal attacks or trolling the blog. If you have THAT MUCH of a problem with what someone says that you have to be rude or offensive, allow them their stupid opinion and move on to the next post. If it breaks the rules, flag it. But don’t use bad behavior to justify going for someones throat, because it will not be tolerated. Respect is the name of the game and if you’re not playing you can’t post here.

And finally, and this is the big one where you are going to see me bringing down the hammer, conduct on other blogs. I hope you’re still reading this because you need to know that you WILL be held accountable for how you conduct yourself on the other SB nation blogs, if you choose to troll or act like an ass you WILL be suspended or banned from GGN.

Last night, my first night, a nameless GGN fanposter sat on Daily Norsemen taunting them the entire game. For the most part nobody reacted and we’re insulting their own team so he got a pass nearly the entire game. He continued to taunt them after the game ended and as a result he won’t be posting on this blog, indefinitely. John beat me to the actual action but that is the exact course I would have taken as well.

This is my sticking point, and I don’t want to hear crying about it later. John already told you to keep it respectful. I have an absolute zero tolerance policy for trolling other blogs. I’m on nearly every opposing teams blog every week. And I’m always on the sunday/monday night teams blogs. Chances are very high that if there is an NFL team blog on SB nation I am watching it. Chances are even greater that if you have a reputation for trolling I will be watching/following your account and reporting what I see of consequence back to GGN staff.

With all of that said, if by some miracle you’re still reading, relax. Expect a very light touch from me, with the exception of trolling other blogs/personal attacks/offensive material/illegal streams on the public blog. Those I will be responding to with extreme consequences. But I will not treat everything with severity. Hopefully this post is the most serious and down to business one I ever have to make. I want you to police yourselves, but if you can’t I will.

Please continue to treat me as the same person and I’ll do the same. And if you have a problem, come find me! I’ll be glad to listen if nothing else. I’ll leave contact info in my profile for you guys.

That’s all. And serious thanks to the people who nominated me. I don’t view the role as a huge deal but the recognition for being objective and not causing problems really means a lot to me.

Stay tuned this week as we unveil more new members of Team GGN.