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Jets Flight Connections 10-22-10

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Ggn_orig_medium shares video of HC Rex Ryan talking about Gang Green's season so far.

Have you always wanted to get coached by Rex?  Now you can!

TE Dustin Keller is kind of popular but not quite there yet.

RB Shonn Greene will be an honorary captain for Iowa tomorrow.

Both CB Antonio Cromartie and RB LaDainian Tomlinson are playing well after leaving San Diego.

LT is having fun while producing in New York.

The Jets recently gave due diligence to former San Diego QB Jonathan Crompton.

NFL FanHouse is concerned about CB Darrelle Revis.

K Nick Folk is playing well after a rough year in Dallas.

Michael Salfino sees good things in the future.

ESPN New York examines the effectiveness of the team's blitzes.

SB Nation takes a look at little known rules of the NFL.

The Daily News reviews the Broadway play "Lombardi".

Former Jets C Kevin Mawae knew his playing days would soon be over once he became NFLPA President.

Former Jets RB Danny Woodhead is valuable to New England.

Former Jets FB Jason Davis blogs about his beliefs.

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QB Mark Sanchez training after the jump.

This video looks out of sync, but it's still good.  Also, I think it's Bieber music in the background: