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New York Jets Should Attack Ryan Fitzpatrick With Regularity

The Patriots generally made up for their issues in the secondary last week by playing coverage. Ryan Fitzpatrick responded by posting a reasonably productive game. What he did not handle well, though, is pressure. He averaged only 6 yards and threw an interception when the Patriots got close to him. The Jets are a team built on aggressive pressure.

The Bills do not seem to have receivers capable of making the Jets pay, even with Darrelle Revis out. Lee Evans is a quality player. He might be the only one on the roster. Roscoe Parrish recently took over in the starting lineup. Like with C.J. Spiller, the Jets will need to be careful of what he can do on screens. He has a great track record as a return man. Gang Green needs to tackle surely because he's dangerous in space. As a traditional route runner, he's not really that scary. The third receiver, Steve Johnson, was just demoted from the starting lineup for Parrish. If Kyle Wilson and Drew Coleman cannot handle them, the Jets have bigger problems.r

One thing I would like to see the Jets do is attack the C and D gaps more on their blitzes. I've noticed their blitzes have generally been from the inside this season. Buffalo's weakness on the offensive line is outside. Their interior offensive line of Andy Levitre, Eric Wood, and Geoff Hartinger is playing reasonably well. Cornell Green and Demetrius Bell are not playing as well. Gang Green should target them. Trevor Pryce, Calvin Pace (if he plays), Jason Taylor, and Shaun Ellis should be in good position to win their battles. Sending extra men can overwhelm the Bills' protection.