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Is Mark Sanchez Overrated?

NFL players seem to think so:

The Jets second-year quarterback was tied for the third most overrated player in the NFL in Sports Illustrated’s annual players’ poll. Sanchez and Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth each received five percent of the votes. In other words, 12 of 239 players polled selected Sanchez.

This feels like backlash for all the attention the Jets are getting. Sanchez's play has been pretty good this year. I know his accuracy has been lacking at times, and he has been a bit lucky. Ultimately, though, he is the starting quarterback on a 5-1 team with 9 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. As a rookie last year, he had a terrific Playoffs as he became the fourth rookie quarterback to start a conference championship game. He looked miles ahead of where Joe Flacco was as a rookie.

Sanchez has been one of the breakout players of the season. His peers should recognize this better.