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Jets Overcome Valiant Broncos, Loud Hostile Crowd, Spotty Officiating

I'm not ready to crown the Jets champions of anything yet, but this is the kind of game that shows the mettle of championship teams. The Jets had a lot going against them today. They had to travel a long way in the thin mountain air after a grueling Monday night game left them with a short week. They had to face a team giving a great effort. They had to play against one of the greatest home field advantages in the sport fueled by one of the sport's best fan bases. They had to overcome a series of borderline and bad calls that went against them.

They prevailed. The Jets did not play their prettiest game of the season, but being able to win without being perfect reveals a lot about a football team.

There is still a long way to go, but this team has earned a relaxing bye and should feel very good about itself.

Leave your thoughts below. The official recap will be up soon.