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New York Jets: 'Twitter Bowl 2010' Champs

One of the things that makes the Jets great is their willingness to interact with fans. Whether it be via public autograph signings around the NY/NJ area, hosting charity events or using social media to chat with fans, Jets' players always seem to find the time to make themselves available.

But how does one go about measuring something intangible such as this?

Outspoken Media, an Internet Marketing company, set out to find a way to gauge how fans interact with players via social media. They decided to host 'Twitter Bowl 2010.' Data was compiled on Oct. 4, 2010 as OM ran a series of tests to determine what team had the best Tweeters.

The results declared that the Jets were No. 1 in replying to fans, and also crowned the Jets as the 'Twitter Bowl 2010' winners as far as overall Tweeting!

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Twitter Bowl 2010

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Now we just need to win Super Bowl XLV.....