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Jets Flight Connections 10-15-10


SB Nation New York predicts a Jets victory and wonders where the harsh critics have gone.

Ed Valentine writes up what to expect from New York's offense and from Denver's offense.

The Jets haven't turned over the ball since the second quarter of the first game.

Good luck and good decisions have led to zero interceptions so far for QB Mark Sanchez.

Jets Twit charts the directions of Mark's passes.

Bob Glauber believes Sanchise is taking some spotlight away from that other New York QB.

C Nick Mangold finds some criticism on Twitter.

WR Braylon Edwards blogs about playing in the rain and more.  Thanks to OnceYourAJet for the link.

RB Shonn Greene is becoming a war machine again.

The running backs want a great run game for RB Coach Anthony Lynn, who played for Denver's Super Bowl winning teams and was first given a chance to coach by former Broncos HC Mike Shanahan.  As an aside I'd also like to mention that DE Trevor Pryce was part of those teams, if you didn't already know.

STC Mike Westhoff recognized that K Nick Folk's past struggles were due to injury.

HC Rex Ryan wants to win against longtime friend Denver DC Don Martindale.

Likewise, I'm sure OL Coach Bill Callahan wants to win against his son, Denver assistant Brian Callahan.


More connections after the jump.

The gang will take along CB Darrelle Revis to Denver.

The team can use a healthy shutdown corner this Sunday.

The defense is preparing as though Revis will not participate.

Adam Schefter assumes that Denver QB Kyle Orton will light it up and defeat the Jets.  That would assume that Ryan doesn't know the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent and wouldn't adjust his defense accordingly.

Rich Cimini applauds Rex for admitting when he's wrong.

Michael Salfino wonders whether the Jets have trouble on third down.  Sounds like something kv said.

CBS analyst Dan Dierdorf believes the Jets are one of the best teams in the NFL.

Off The Line ranks the Jets linemen first.

The official team website gives you a chance for a Gang Green Halloween.

Le Jets Kvetch provides some French lessons.

The Wall Street Journal updates the Chilean miners about what they missed on "Hard Knocks".

DT Kris Jenkins plans on returning to football.

TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz is also planning on returning.

Former Jets FS Kerry Rhodes seems content in Arizona.

Moving on from the Minnesota game, here is a quote from Deadspin:

Against the Jets in the Monday night game, the first play the Vikings ran was an end around option pass from Moss to Favre. This pass was deemed illegal — Favre was an ineligible receiver because he lined up under center. In other words, Brad Childress spent all week drawing up a play he didn't know was already technically illegal. This man needs to choke on vomit that is not his own.