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Jets Should Have Mark Sanchez Go Back to Dustin Keller

David asked today whether the Jets have too many options. I don't think so. I don't think there's any such thing as too many weapons. Having this much talent is a good thing. It prevents a defense from keying on one particular thing. A defense can always take away one thing a team does best, but doing this opens up other areas. All of the other areas the Jets have are really, really good.

I do think the Jets might want to make Dustin Kelller the primary target this week. It worked very well for the team in Week 2 through 4 when Dustin put up 5 touchdown receptions.

Denver has a starting linebacker and a starting safety out this week, Robert Ayers and Brian Dawkins respectively. Dawkins in particular is still playing at a high level. In addition, guys they use in coverage in subpackages, safety Wesley Woodyard and linebacker Darcel McBath will be out injured.

This also would simplify things for Sanchez. Keller became something of a security blanket for him during his three week tear, which happened to take place while Keller was having big games. Give him this as a primary read so he does not have to decide which fantastic weapon to use.

Sanchez was looking to force it deep too frequently in the game against Minnesota. While sometimes his read was accurate and he just missed, his first look should be underneath. Hitting those passes will force the defense to respond and open things up deep.