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A Bit of Clarification

I just want to clear up a few things from our earlier post.

Read after the jump.

What are the guidelines for that [no profanity]? I mean, are we going by basic cable standards or what (you know, no f-bombs but most everything else is allowed?). I think the rule is a little puritanical and frankly ridiculous, but I’ll be a good boy and play by the rules of the sandbox. Not sure that kids should be surfing the web unsupervised, though, or even reading blogs.-kotite4ever

We're not going to go overboard with this. If an f-bomb slips through every now and then, we'll look the other way. I just don't want it as prevalent as it has been. I want things cleaned up as much as possible. The best thing to do is ask yourself whether you would be comfortable saying something to your grandmother over Sunday dinner. Now I don't expect us to fully eliminate this stuff, but I would ask our readers to keep it to as much of a minimum as possible.

Its one thing to be respectful, and refrain from saying dumb things that has nothing to do with football… But I like to get in a good, friendly ribbing with other fans. You guys aren’t a "news source," you’re a blog for people to share opinions, and if fans can’t come here to debate, make fun of each other’s teams, then where can they go to do this? This site (sbnation) is the perfect avenue for that because it is the only hub in which fans of every team are represented. I don’t curse on here, nor do I take unnecessary shots at fans, but I do like to make fun of the way Chad Henne threw 3 picks against the Patriots—and jokingly call out fans who thought he is better than Sanchez.-TheBeard17

I'm mainly talking about fans who post ask *opposing blog* about *opposing team* FanPosts. These people are coming over to ask questions, not engage in smack. Try not to bait or argue with them. They are giving up their time to offer us insight on the game. Be respectful. If you disagree, write a FanPost explaining your position.

Other threads are fair game for *respectful* banter with opposing fans.

John I understand what you’re saying and I appreciate the sentiment. But frankly, who are you to police the behavior on other blogs? The only people that represent GGN are those that officially write for GGN.

If another site doesn’t want a certain "new member" to continue to contribute, let them handle it. Worry about GGN. Think about what you’re saying. For example, if me and MiketheIntern are on P&T and get into it with a Celtics fan about the Jets and the Pats, a spat that P&T takes no issue with, your saying you will potentially ban us over here if the convo doesn’t suit your taste.

Honestly, what you propose is ridiculous. If a site doesn’t enjoy the company of a new member let them handle it. If you don’t enjoy the actions of somebody on GGN, then handle that. Or if you want to have more control over particular members, then perhaps you should ask them to become official GGN contributors so that you can have some legitimate basis for controlling what they write.

As for me. If you want to ban me then go ahead and ban me. I like contributing here and engaging with everybody else that comes here. But i’m going to write whatever the heck i feel like writing.-Crackback

Now Crack was frankly unfairly and incorrectly singled out as the target of some of my earlier statements so he was probably a bit concerned.

It is fair game for us to regulate what our members do on other sites. If they are purposely making trouble on other sites, it gives trolls from other sites rationale to cause trouble here. That's detrimental to the site. It creates headaches for all of us. Those sites will regulate how they handle things. We will regulate things as they affect GGN.

Let's not jump to conclusions, though. Why must we assume ban is the first recourse? If anybody out there got a friendly e-mail from their good friend JB asking them as a friend to perhaps go lighter on another team's site for the good of GGN, would anybody reject that out of hand without considering it?

I admit I was disrespectful on the Vikings board over the weekend.

I went to congratulate them on the Moss trade and said Favre has to pick it up for Moss’ talents to contribute. I was welcomed with comments calling Sanchez a "Dirty Mexican Wetback". It went downhill from there, Christopher Gates, the editor there emailed me and said he would ban the guy. I had no intentions on riling them up, but I said one little thing about Favre and they couldn’t take it. The Denver fans are much more sane and open to opinions than Minnesota fans are.-Mike the Intern

Don't allow yourself to get baited. Some fan bases are nicer than others. Anybody who says outlandish stuff only does so to get attention. Don't give it to them. They aren't going to be convinced anyway. A reasonable answer often (albeit not always) gets members of said community to call out their own for brutish behavior.

Adding to this, if you see a fan of another team making a mockery of themselves on GGN, don't be John Wayne. Just e-mail a moderator to get that person removed so we don't have to deal with them anymore. We police things as best we can, but some things slip under the radar on a site this big.

Finally, use discretion. My post bashing Brett Favre was fine for GGN, but it would have been trolling had it been posted on Daily Norseman because it just would have riled people up. Be good guests. Walk on eggshells.