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Darrelle Revis' Hamstring Injury: Rex Ryan Will Call Shots From Now On

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On Monday night, CB Darrelle Revis' hamstring was clearly not 100%. He was favoring it throughout most of the game and was slow to the ball a couple of times as well. The result was problems defending against WR Percy Harvin on a couple of out routes. 

HC Rex Ryan said the final decision to play was ultimately left up to Revis, but admits that it was a mistake.

"Clearly after I watched the tape, I saw at the end of the game (that) Darrelle wasn't the Darrelle Revis that we know," Ryan said. "It probably really isn't fair to put it in (a player's) hands."

"When I said it would be his decision whether he plays, I think that's wrong," he added. "Because his decision is he's going to play....That's just him being a competitor....I'm in the win business. But I'm also in the 'what's right' business."

Revis had some thoughts on the issue, and seemed to be in agreement with his head coach:

"Going into a bye ... you can rest me," Revis said. "Take this thing into the bye and come back fresh for the [Packers] game."

"The smartest thing is to rest and let it heal right,

Revis didn't participate in team drills on Wednesday, but did do some light individual drills.

Ryan will consult Jets' medical staff as well as defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman on whether or not Revis will play Sunday. This time though, the decision will be up to the head coach, rather than the player himself.

Opinion: Right now it seems like Revis' status is 50/50. With the bye week on deck, I'd like to see the Jets rest him vs. Denver. He is a huge investment and integral part of our defense. Hamstring injuries can really linger if they don't heal correctly (see Lito Sheppard), let him rest!