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Sterger Lands Movie Role

Former Jets' gameday host Jennifer Sterger's name has been in the football news a lot lately.

However, it's worked out for her, as Radaronline has reported she will appear in Mischa Barton's next movie, Don't Fade Away.

[Sterger] has a cameo role in the love story alongside Barton, True Blood hunk Ryan Kwanten, Beau Bridges and Ja Rule.

The movie tells the story of musician Jackson White (Kwanten) who returns from Los Angeles to North Carolina to take care of his dying father Chris White (Bridges) and then meets the mysterious Kat (Barton).

Sterger’s character is named Amber. The film has not yet received a release date from Warner Brothers.

And yes, that really does say 'Ja Rule,' along with a 'hunk' from True Blood...... what an all-star cast!