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Nick Folk: The Unsung Hero

During the offseason, Jets' front office chose to sign K Nick Folk and release K Jay Feely in a cost-cutting maneuver. The majority of the money that was freed up went to pay for bringing in OLB Jason Taylor.

This move upset a lot of Jets' fans, including myself. Well guys, it's time for us to eat crow. I will admit, I even went on to say this move was as big of a deal as the Faneca release. 

Nick Folk is doing a pretty good job of proving us all wrong.

The current AFC special teams player of the week is 13/15 on field goals this season (one of them blocked) and 13/13 on extra points.

John made a great point about giving the MNF game ball to CB Antonio Cromartie for his defense on WR Randy Moss. However, I personally would have given it to Nick Folk. Folk was 5/5 on field goals on Monday night which includes a 53-yarder, and made sure the Vikings never took the lead. I really believe the key play in the game was during our final drive in the first half, when a monsoon came out of nowhere and nearly killed our momentum, keeping us out of the end zone. Still, Folk came in and was as cool as the other side of the pillow, drilling a kick to put us up 9-0. More importantly, the Jets took a two-scores lead into the half and could breath easy.

The last of his tasks for this season was to kick in severe inclement weather at New Meadowlands Stadium. On Monday night, he did that. Sure, he hasn't faced the swirling 30 mph winds yet, but it's safe to say he has more than proven himself.

It's time to give Folk the credit he is due, he has helped us to win some big games this year.