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Sprint Game Ball: Antonio Cromartie

This post is sponsored by Sprint.

In a somewhat surprising move, the Jets stuck Randy Moss on Alcrotraz against Minnesota in Week 5. Darrelle Revis figured to see at least some time against his nemesis in his return to action. It did not happen, though. Perhaps Rex Ryan was concerned with Revis' balky hamstring. Perhaps he did not want to go away from what worked so well in Week 2. Cromartie dominated Moss in the second half. Perhaps it had to do with motivating Cromartie. Antonio has been somewhat inconsistent in his career, but playing against an elite receiver he trash talked during the week was sure to keep him focused. Most likely it was a combination of all of these.

In any event, Cromartie was excellent against Moss. The receiver's final numbers are deceiving. His 4 catch, 81 yard, 1 touchdown line makes it look like the pair fought to something of a draw. One of those grabs was with the Jets leading by 9 in the final 80 seconds. Cromartie was playing exceptionally soft just to avoid giving up an easy touchdown. Cro was also in great coverage on Moss' 37 yard touchdown reception. To complete that pass, Brett Favre needed to fit the ball into a ridiculously tight window to make that happen. It was a great throw by Favre. Cromartie was in position.

Moss was targeted 8 other times in the game. What were the results? Moss had 2 catches for 23 yards.That is less than 3 yards per target. Favre kept trying to force it to a covered Moss. He wasn't able to make throws as perfect as the one he made on the touchdown. On a lot of plays, Cromartie so overmatched Moss at the line that the receiver quit on his route.

Cromartie eliminated one of the most dangerous weapons in the game aside from plays when Minnesota executed with incredible precision. For that, he gets my Sprint Game Ball.