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Darrelle Revis Still Experiencing Hamstring Issues

Apparently this hamstring saga is not over for Darrelle Revis if one judges byhis postgame comments.

Q: How does the hamstring feel?

A:"It’s very, very sore right now," Revis said. "It was hurting throughout the whole game, and I just fought through it and got through the game."


Q: Do you know if you will be able to play next week?

A: "I don’t know. We don’t know right now how severe the soreness is. We’ll figure it out tomorrow and go from there."

He also mentions that he would have been able to prevent Percy Harvin's touchdown had he been at 100%. That begs the question, "What are the Jets thinking?" Why are they sending him out there at less than 100%? Didn't he get hurt worse and miss more time because they did that against New England?