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Pryce Says Rex Was the Reason He Came

Trevor Pryce said Rex Ryan was the reason he is now a Jet in yesterday's news conference.

It was kind of like there were some other teams that called, but he knew that if Rex called, that’s where I was going. It was literally like that. My niece and daughter are supposed to be going to Six Flags this weekend and I was really looking forward to going [laughter]. Rex is like, "No, you’re playing against the Bills on Sunday." [laughter] "What? No, I’m not. I’m going to Six Flags." "No, you’re playing against the Bills on Sunday." That lets you know. It came out of nowhere and again when Rex calls me at least, that’s the way I feel. He calls me, I answer the call.

I think it speaks volumes about where the Jets are at as a franchise that they land big name veterans like Pryce (or Jason Taylor or LaDainian Tomlinson). Take this tweet by Schefter after the first episode of Hard Knocks. Florham Park is becoming a destination.