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Moving On

Let's see what excuse they come up with this week to say the Jets aren't a good team and don't belong in the Playoffs. It was a rough start, but once the Jets got their sea legs they pretty much dominated the game. All of the phantom calls on the defense didn't matter. That would be New York's second decisive victory in two weeks over a division champion.

There were plenty of heroes, but two rookies really stood out. This is hopefully the first of many victories Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene carry the team to.

The Jets left some points on the field, but then again so did the Bengals. The run defense left a lot to be desired. No serious complaints, though.

This was a great win and the franchise's first Playoff win in 5 years. The team has to dedicate it to the owner grieving his daughter.

Stay tuned to see whether the Jets travel to San Diego or Indianapolis. The official recap will be up later.