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New York Jets Run Defense vs. Cincinnati Bengals Run Offense

This is going to be a big boy game in the trenches. The Bengals did not have Cedric Benson last week. They will for the rematch. Benson is a pure power runner, capable of fighting off tacklers for extra yardage. He's more adept at doing that than last week's starter, Bernard Scott. Scott does have some power, but he's more elusive. Larry Johnson, a runner similar to Benson had some success last week, running for 38 yards on 9 carries. Then again, the game was out of hand by the time he started seeing significant touches.

Sione Pouha needs to have another big game. Once again, he'll be matched up inside against an offensive line featuring five above average run blockers. The two guards, Bobbie Williams and Evan Mathis, are among the best in football. We'll probably see the 4-3 that worked so well against Miami's ground and pound game in the second meeting. That had Shaun Ellis and Marques Douglas at end, Howard Green and Pouha at tackle, and David Harris, Bart Scott, and Calvin Pace at linebacker. The Bengals are a team to get big against, especially with the Jets seeming to have an advantage in the passing game on the outside.

The Jets want to stop the run. It is what the Bengals do best. If that happens, it means more Carson Palmer forces to Chad Johnson.