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Jets Flight Connections 010810

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More sad news for the Jets family and the NFL, Tim Davey has passed away.

The New York Jets want to make it to the Super Bowl; appearing in the playoffs is not enough.

The Cincinnati Bengals don't like out team's confidence.

The Jets are preparing for a different Bengals team.

Manish Mehta writes about Cincy's double A-gap blitz.

CB Darrelle Revis is the AFC's Defensive Player of December.

Revis won USA Today's DPOY Award.

A high school coach remembers Darrelle's Aliquippa days.

RB Thomas Jones and FB Tony Richardson talk about their zone blocking scheme.

For all his time in the league, T-Rich hasn't won a playoff game yet.

The offensive line talks about their goal of leading the league in rushing.

Head equipment manager Gus Granneman talks about preparing the team for the cold.


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Heads up on tomorrow's announcers - they haven't worked together all year.

Joe Theissman believes the Jets can go all the way.

Buddy Ryan sees more shutouts by the Jets.

Jim Ryan talks about brother Rex and the family.

Joe Namath says the Jets can't be Super Bowl favorites.

The three coordinators spoke about their squads.

LB David Harris wants to play and make his name known.

K Jay Feely wants to keep kicking well in the post-season.

TE Dustin Keller is not getting the ball much lately.

WR Brad Smith probably will be featured plenty.

Does former Jets WR Laveranues Coles enjoy playing for his new team?

WR Braylon Edwards enjoys playing for his new team.

The defensive squad enjoys playing for their new coaches.

They feel disrespected and aim to prove that they're the best.

DE Shaun Ellis says it's time to play like Jets.

USA Today previews wild-card weekend. picks the Jets to win. on how the season could have been different.

Team photographer Al Pereira posted his favorite shots from Sunday.

Check out the halftime show on Sunday as produced by the Jets.

The team signed four for the future.

Jets fans in Miami can look forward to improvements in the stadium down there.

Read about the antitrust case against the NFL.

Jaguars WR Torry Holt goes on and talks about Darrelle's strengths.

Lastly, here is Mark Cannizzaro with the Jets: