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Ferguson Named Jets Walter Payton Man Of The Year 2009

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Ferguson has been recognised for his work off the field as well as on the field according to Manish Mehta of

Tony Richardson was named the Jets 2008 Walter Payton Man Of The Year , however Kurt Warner was awarded the league award and $25,000 to donate to his charity. D'Brickashaw will be eligible to receive the league award if chosen.

In 2007 Ferguson founded the D'Brickashaw Ferguson Foundation, which is a charity that aims to offer academic scholarships to deserving eligible students residing in the New York Area. It also provides funds for church repairs, "Ultimately the foundation will provide resources to churches, schools, and to fund food banks and clothing ministries in hopes of building up the respective communities"

Building Communities One Brick At A Time

On Tuesday September 29th, 2009, D'Brickashaw Ferguson was dedicated the South Ocean avenue in his home town of Freeport, NY, now named D'Brickashaw Ferguson way.

This is a great honour for a humble guy. I hope that he gets awarded the league award and I'm sure he will continue to help build communities as well as maintain his current form on the field. So Congratulations to Brick.