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Revis Island FTW! Two More Awards to Add to the Trophy Case

He's going to need to buy a new trophy case when it's all said and done. The season is not even over yet, and shutdown-corner Darelle Revis has been honored for yet another award.

Today it was announced that Revis won the AFC Defensive Player of the Month Award. He is the first Jet to win this award since John Abraham won it in 2004.

He also won the USA Today's Defensive Player of the Year award, as voted on by USA Today's writers and editors. The voting was done by an 11-person panel, and Revis received three first-place votes. Apparently, it was a very tight race, as he won the award by one point over Packers CB Charles Woodson.

Opposing WR1's Numbers Against Him:
(Since 12.3.09)

  1. Ocho Stinko = 0 Yards
  2. Reggie Wayne = 33 Yards
  3. Roddy White = 33 Yards
  4. Antonio Bryant = 22 Yards
  5. T.O. = 31 Yards

He also won Defensive Player of The Week on Dec. 3.