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Ryan's Press Conference, Injury Report

Not done this in a while, but remember people finding it useful, just jotted down some notes from the Rex Ryan press conference for the people who were unable to watch:

So first it was the injury report from today's session:

David Harris (limited, ankle), Donald Strickland (limited, quad), Jericho Cotchery (full participation, hip), Braylon Edwards (full participation, elbow), Shaun Ellis (full participation, knee), Ryan Fowler (full participation, concussion). James Ihedigbo (full participation, neck), Thomas Jones (full participation, knee), Mark Sanchez (full participation, knee), Steve Weatherford (full participation, knee)

Think we are just being a little cautious here with the injury report, everyone is expected to go, I think Strickland might be the only doubt right now. Harris practising today is the clearest indication that he will be a go on Sunday.

  • Harris wasn't full or close to it, but was encouraging signs. Strickland has had some good days, but still not sure on him. The hit on Harris that injured his ankle was a chop block, but he doesn't think that it was intentional on the Bengals part.
  • No corner in the league has been asked to do what Revis has been asked to do this year. Has consistently gone against the best the NFL has to offer. Deserves the defensive player of the year award. Thought Revis was the best in the league before he got here, but he is even better now he has coached. People still taking shots in his direction and he stands tall.
  • Not going to put Revis in single coverage every single snap, and Rhodes has good range in the cover one. However if someone went over the game film from this year, the decision on who wins the defensive player of the year, is not even close. He knows something about defence, and he has seen no corner have as good a year as Revis this year other than Deion Sanders 1994 season with the 49'ers (where he won DPOY)

Join after the jump for more from Rex's press conference

  • Got a lot of feedback from the media about his proclamation that the Jets should be favourite (lots of laughter) but he still thinks that's the case and we will soon find out
  • Mangold is so good for the same reason Domata Peko is so good, because of the hair (laughter), but Mangold has everything. He's got great quickness with great size, playing 3-4 teams with big nose tackles enables Nick to match up with them, but also quick enough to cut the linebackers.
  • Mark is really excited about the opportunity. Knows we are fortunate to be in the play-offs with 9 wins. Strong belief that we can win, and Mark feels the same.
  • Feels good about being in the play-offs as a head coach instead of an assistant coach because he has a big bonus in there (laughter). Seriously feels about the same, still a part of the success.
  • Didn't practise inside because he was superstitious, just said that he is not dumb. Can get more attention to detail inside and get the music blaring in that environment to improve the communication.
  • Keller not catching as many balls because a lot of the time we use an extra lineman as the tight end, but the confidence in Keller is still strong, and we are looking to give him some shots down the field. If they are going to cover him one-on-one then  we will exploit that.
  • Schottenheimer is crazy to say he wanted to stay (laughs), but said that with only 32 head coaching jobs, any time it comes around you have to look at it. If he doesn't get a head coaching job, Rex won't feel bad for him because it means he is still here. They know Brian feels that this is a special team. Want him to have success, but at the same time, we don't want to lose him.
  • He will cry like a baby if we win the Superbowl, emotions going into Saturday are excitement at the opportunity. All he is thinking about is finding a way on Saturday.
  • Going into the post season you have to be healthy and you have to be hitting your stride. Feels like the team is healthy enough to make the run.
  • Like Domata Peko, he's a real good player, very passionate, really competitive, plays hard. 
  • Laveranues Coles is a competitor, he would of fit right into this Jets team. Was presented a good opportunity in Cincy, but Coles was aware that the Jets still wanted him. 
  • Never worried about the jobs he didn't have. Was asked how he dealt with his name coming up for head coaching jobs while he was defensive coordinator for the Ravens in the post season.
  • Bengals are going to give us their best shot and they are going to get ours, and we will see if we are good enough to beat them or not.
  • Craig Carton should of believed in the Jets. Some of you may know that Carton said that if the Jets made the post season he would walk the bridge in a Jets speedo and a Jets Jersey, well that will be taking place tomorrow morning