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Jets Flight Connections 010710

HC Rex Ryan thinks his rebuilt Jets team can win the Super Bowl this year.

He says his Jets are no underdogs; he simply believes in his players. explains why this team is dangerous.

He may be goofy but he's a guru on defense.

Bob Raissman thinks Rex has broadcasting charisma.

Darrelle Revis talks about Ryan's locker room cry.

He quietly leads by example, but Darrelle knows how to rally the D.

Revis says he felt slighted by WR Chad Ochocinco's trash talk.

Deion Sanders thinks Packers CB Charles Woodson is better than Revis.

The loss of DT Kris Jenkins gave his backups a chance to prove themselves.

OC Brian Schottenheimer says he is happy where he is, and it might just be good for him to stay put.

FS Kerry Rhodes says he is happy where he is... for now.


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The Bengals #85 was busy rehabbing.

Fireman Ed explains why he didn't take up the Ocho offer.

Apparently, former Jet WR Keyshawn Johnson and Chad (Johnson) are cousins.  I did not know that.

Woody Johnson's family released a statement about their recent loss.

The Cincinnati Bengals have had their share of tragedies this year.

Cincinnati Enquirer: Bengals are better than Jets.

Hank Gola examines the upcoming matchups.

QB Mark Sanchez is enjoying his young career.

The Jets will need him to manage the game carefully.

However, he'll have to make some passes in Cincy, and the defense will try to make Mark win the match.

The Bengals also need to prepare for WR Brad Smith and the Tiger.

The rushing offense hopes to play well again.

The team hasn't been disappointed by RB Shonn Greene who has been contributing to the run game.

Chicago's decision to keep RB Cedric Benson sent TJ to NY.

Cleveland's decision to not keep WR Braylon Edwards sent him happily to the playoffs.

LB David Harris hopes to introduce himself to Benson.

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ESPN has an interview with Kerry Rhodes. has RB Thomas Jones's interview on Fox Business News.

Lastly, some videos.  LB Bart Scott on his Monday night gatherings:


K Jay Feely for Muscular Dystrophy Associations:


And the New York Jets victory lap to close out the stadium: