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Revis Credits Rex Crying

Darrelle Revis looks back to Rex Ryan's now infamous tears in a news conference after a November loss as a turning point in the season.

Rex Ryan took a lot of heat for the tears he shed during a team meeting following a Nov. 15 loss to the Jaguars, but that may be what led to their playoff run says standout CB Darrelle Revis.

"I think he really focused us up after he cried that one team meeting a month ago," Revis said. "So I just think it’s something, December we came in here, were successful in December winning games and we’ve just been riding with a lot of confidence and I think guys just prepare more and get more focused."

I don't mean to question Revis on what took place in the locker room, but I think viewing one moment as turning around the season might be too simplistic. I mean the Jets got killed by the Pats in the next game.

I remember an interview I saw from Derek Jeter after the World Series. A reporter asked him about the Yankees' early 2009 bumps in the road and asked whether a specific winning streak helped the team bond. Jeter said it's easy to point to wins as a turning point, but sometimes the adversity losing provides is what shows true character.

Adversity either makes people stronger or destroys them. The same concept applies to teams. Last year's team folded when faced with it. This year's team came out and became stronger as a result of all of the heartbreaking defeats. Obviously a smoother road with more wins and maybe a home game or two would have been nicer, but I think what made Sunday night so special to players and fans is it served as a culmination of how the team wasn't destroyed by setbacks. That game will definitely take on a special place in Jets lore no matter what happens from here on out.

Do you think there was a specific turning point in this season?