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Second Round Scenarios

I know plenty of you are already aware of this, but for anybody who isn't let's take a look at how the potential second round opponent will be determined.

In the NFL, each conference reseeds after the opening round. That means the highest remaining seed in each conference plays the lowest remaining seed. The second and third highest remaining seeds play each other.

The Jets are the 5 seed in the AFC. Should they win, their opponent will be determined by the Baltimore-New England game on Sunday.

If Baltimore wins: The Jets will travel to take on number 2 seed San Diego. Baltimore, the lowest remaining team, with the 6 seed would play the top seeded Colts.

If New England wins: The Jets will be the lowest remaining seed at 5 and head back to Indianapolis to play the Colts for the second time in four weeks. Number 3 New England would play at number 2 San Diego.