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Brian Schottenheimer Happy To Stay OC

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Bob Glauber of Newsday had some interesting tweets moments ago regarding Brian Schottenheimer. A subject area that has received a lot of attention over the last few days, well in fact the last 12 months or so.

Unlike previous years, Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer now says he'd be happy to remain with club and not pursue HC jobs
Jets OC Brian Schottenheimer: "I hope I'm here for a long time."

Like John pointed out in his article the other day, he may not have a choice, with so many high profile coaches out there and so few coaching jobs available this season, he may have no alternative. Not to say that his comments are a result of this, maybe Brian is happy being an offensive coordinator, sticking to what he does best without the added pressure and responsibilities that come with being a head coach.

So while I have been adamant that he would likely leave, maybe it's time I revised that thought. I like to see coaches happy here, and perhaps he has found a better relationship with Rex than with Mangini, because let's be honest, if you had to work in the Mangini environment, wouldn't you be looking for an exit strategy.

I flip flop more on Brian Schottenheimer than a politician does on policy, but lately he has been winning me over, so for the time being, I'm happy to have him and happy to hear that he wants to stay.