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Did Cincy Gain Any Sort of Edge?

One theory I heard prior to Sunday's game was the Bengals would benefit because they would be able to get the Jets' attack on film before the Playoffs and hold something back since they didn't need to win. That had a bit of merit, but I don't really think things played out that way.

The Bengals only ran 40 offensive plays, and a number of these were in garbage time. They had the ball less than 19 minutes. How much of the Jets' defense did they really see? Rex has a big playbook with plenty of variety. They didn't really get a good taste.

Consider this as well. They couldn't have looked worse against this. Even if they got the full view, they'll have to spend the entire week correcting things. It's one thing to know what's coming. It's quite another to be able to stop it. This defense has confounded teams all years long. Can the Bengals make the leaps and bounds necessary in a short week to even adequately perform against the unit?

Time will tell. I don't think the Bengals got any edge out of what happened Sunday in their preparation for the Wild Card game, though.