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A Quiet Black Monday Makes Schottenheimer's Return More Likely

Don Banks notes how relatively quiet the day after the season was in terms of coaching changes.

With only Washington and Buffalo making moves on the coaching front, Black Monday in the NFL passed far quieter than anticipated, and certainly was less eventful than last year's day-after-the-season-ends blood-letting.

That means less opportunities for a guy like Schottenheimer. The guys with big time credentials can take the few jobs on the market. Nobody will have to go down the line to a second tier candidate with less experience like Brian. Perhaps Schottenheimer wows somebody and wins a job, but it's a buyer's market right now. He needs a season like last year when there was a job open for almost everybody.

Of course this becomes academic if the Jets go deep into the Playoffs. Teams like to get a guy into place quickly to get a coaching staff in place. Those who lag behind lose out on the top choices of assistants.

Do you expect Brian back for a fifth year with the Jets?