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Rex On Harris/Schotty

Rod Boone has been tweeting from the Rex Ryan press conference and had a couple of interesting notes that I thought were well worth mentioning:

Rex said LB David Harris has an ankle sprain and is hopeful he'll play Saturday. Said obviously it will be a big loss if he can't go.
Rex on Harris' chances for Saturday: "I'm definitely concerned." Said Ryan Fowler took a blow to the head and isn't sure about him
Also, Rex tellingly said he thinks OC Brian Schottenheimer will get a head coaching gig after the season and Jets will probably lose him.

Firstly on Harris, this is definitely a worry, outside of Revis, Harris is probably the next guy who we really can not afford to lose for this game. Harris is a tough guy, if he can move, he will play. Rex being concerned however has me concerned. A pro bowler (wasn't selected, but should of been) who does a little bit of everything, changing a great ILB partnership in the play-offs would be disastrous.

Secondly we are back to Schotty, and like we always do whether it be with Kerry Rhodes, Mark Sanchez or anyone else, we call a spade a spade here at GGN. Several times we and a lot of you have had problems with his play calling, but last night he got it spot on again. It's always frustrating to have an offensive coordinator who seemingly moves from brilliance to madness on a weekly basis.

We have been told for a couple of years now, that Schotty was close to getting a head gig, he interviewed well for the Jets gig but Ryan was just that little bit better, he will interview again this off-season and I think Rex might be right when he says we likely will lose him. I personally made peace with that last off-season, it was only a matter of time before someone came knocking for him. As much as he has frustrated me this year, and as critical as I have been at some points, it's games like last nights that make me think I will miss the guy when he is gone.