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Chad Nothing But Classy

85 talks a lot, some people like it, some people don't, personally I don't mind the talking as long as you are ready to go and if things don't go well, you hold your hands up and say 'you got me', after last night he tweeted Revis:

hands down u the best in the game, see you n 6 days bruh bruh, try giving out maps next time-its easy to get lost on that island!


you've hurt my feelings shutting down my ENTERPRISE-ill be the first to say you're the best easily-round 2 Saturday- CHAD JOHNSON

He talks a lot but he gives credit where credit is due. In my opinion Chad is an entertainer, but he is as real as it gets, he loves football, and if someone gets the better of him, he puts his hands up, shows some class. Unlike some other receivers in this game.

He is also offering Fireman Ed VIP treatment to the game in Cincy on Saturday after talking trash all week about the celebration he was going to do if he scored a TD