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Jets Flight Connections 010410

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Good morning, Jets fans!  Things are looking good for the team lately.

The Jets showed New York how to properly close out the stadium.

The Jets shut out the Bengals last night, but did Cincy really try?

Either way, last night's game was a memorable one, as we showed we deserve to be in.

The Jets were not just lucky but dominant, as the defense allowed zero points.

The O-line wasn't bad either, allowing RB Thomas Jones to set another record.

Our rookie quarterback is in the playoffs.

Our rookie head coach is in the playoffs.

It's a new year, and it's a new Jets outlook, as Rex Ryan has given the team a crazy mentality.

These are not the same old Jets, and fans should have faith in them.

WR Brad Smith keeps making big plays, as we ran plenty of his option formation.

The former QB can do it all for the Jets, and we will be seeing more of him.


More connections after the jump. recaps the game.

J.P. Pelzman recaps the game.

Dave Hutchinson recaps the game. recaps the game.

The Star -Ledger on the Jets' defense, and Manish Mehta on the rush offense.

Peter King: Darrelle Revis is state-of-the-art CBCharles Woodson is only second.

Revis shut down WR Chad Ochocinco last night, as he had zero catches on Revis Island.

After a week of talking, Darrelle won the 24-85 show.

Will we be seeing Chad Johnson again?

The Jets will be a dangerous team in the playoffs, and the Bengals will face them again on Saturday.

The Jets-Bengals game next week will be one of three rematches.

The Jets must keep working hard to win next week.

Will backup QB Kellen Clemens be a Jet next year?

SS Jim Leonhard is one of the shorter players in the NFL.

Will there be football lockout coming up?

Do we really want to force teams to not rest players after yesterday?

Lastly, here are highlights from yesterday's game: