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Rex Flips Bird To Miami Fans

Update- Rex has apologised for his actions deeming them "stupid and inappropriate." Wondered how long it would take for him to apologise, sure he really doesn't mean it, but it's standard protocol now.

Sure most of you have seen this by now. Rex was attending the strikeforce MMA event in Miami last night, and was booed heartedly when he took the time to give an interview. During which he made a rude jesture which was caught on a camera phone:


Explanation from the photographer:

Here’s a pic of the Jets’ coach as he smiles and flicks off two of my friends at a recent MMA show in South Florida. They identified themselves as Dolphin fans and thus this is his reaction. You tend to expect some sort of a class from a head coach, or at least you used to…

I have the same feeling that website does, thinking the Dolphins fans did more than just identify themselves, sure some things were said. Look for Rex to probably get fined by the NFL for this similar to Bud Adams $250,000 fine.

Not a big deal to me, sure he got some trash all night, so he did what anyone probably would of done in that situation, it was an MMA event not a tea party.