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Jets 37 Bengals 0: And We'll See You Saturday Afternoon

It was very simple tonight for the Jets. A win extended the season. A loss ended it. The game was in doubt. Then came the opening kickoff. Gang Green finished its regular season with a 37-0 domination of the Bengals. What did this win earn? Another game with this team the Jets dismantled this Saturday in Cincinnati. Good deal!

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The Good:

Darrelle Revis: Could I start with anybody other than the man who has appeared in this section more than any other player this year? Chad Ochocinco said on the NBC pregame show he would change his name back to Chad Johnson if Revis shut him down. We'll take you at your word, Chad. 0 catches, 0 yards. I don't want to hear you were hurt. You were running fine. From this point on, the writers on Gang Green Nation will refer to this receiver as Chad Johnson. Readers, I ask the same of you.

Kerry Rhodes: A rocky regular season couldn't have ended on a higher note. The defense wasn't on the field much, but Kerry impacted three plays as a blitzer in the first half, deflecting a pair of passes and forcing an early throw. We've criticized Rhodes for shying away from contact, but Chad Johnson heard footsteps right before Rhodes drilled him in the first half, leading to a drop.

Brad Smith: He only had 4 carries, but they were big ones. His 57 yard run on the first drive set the tone. His 32 yard touchdown run pretty much put it out of reach in the second quarter. I don't remember him ever being as explosive before this year. Brad has really stepped up and helped replace Leon Washington with his work out of the Tiger formation and his homerun ability. Just think of how much time the Bengals are going have to dedicate to stopping him in practice this week. That's preparation time that won't go to other areas.

Offensive line: The Jets totally pushed around the defensive front of the second best run defense in football. Yes, some guys were out. Still, this was just incredible. How many times do you see teams able to sustain 21 play drives with 15 runs?

Tony Richardson: Was part of the great, great run blocking.

Mark Sanchez: The numbers were only 8 for 16 for 62 yards. That's perfect because there were no interceptions. He found the open men. He didn't force anything. When the Jets asked, he moved the chains. This team can go far if he avoids mistakes like that. He made some great throws too.

Brian Schottenheimer: Stuck with the run game when it was working, called the Tiger formation at all the right times, and gave Sanchez a lot of safe simple screen and slant reads. You know you want this guy as your head coach, Buffalo. Do it! Do it!

Shonn Greene: Ran hard for 62 yards on 13 carries.

Defense: A few guys got singled out, but everybody played great. Cincy had 5 first downs and averaged 1.8 yards per play.

Jay Feely: Hit all 3 field goals he tried on a brutally cold night with bad gusts.

Jerricho Cotchery: 5 catches, looked great after the catch, and had a nice punt return.

There is no bad tonight. There are no other thoughts. I couldn't be prouder of this team. Don't anybody ever question whether this team has earned a Playoff spot. This team couldn't have played a more complete game with everything on the line. The Jets are going to the Playoffs.