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We're In!

Here on GGN, we like to use highly technical descriptions to take you inside the game. This recap will be no different. What happened in this game? The Jets absolutely kicked the ass of the Cincinnati Bengals up and down the field for sixty minutes tonight. What a statement to end the regular season! The Giants embarrassed themselves in their Giants Stadium finale last week. Gang Green sent it off in grand style.

I dare anybody to call this win tainted or suggest the Jets didn't earn it. They dominated the A-Team of a division champion. Yeah, a few guys were out injured. Cincy sent out most of its top players. Those guys got benched because they had been so badly outplayed they stood no shot. What say you, Mike Francesa? Are you ready to give the Jets even a little credit?

Let's just put into perspective what this team has accomplished. The Jets have a rookie quarterback who has gone through major growing pains. They have a rookie head coach. They played over half the season without their best offensive player and one of their top two defensive players. They fought back after a midseason swoon and a series of crushing losses. No matter what happens from this point, this team showed great heart and that it will be a force for years to come.

Unlike 20 other teams, the New York Jets will play a game 17 in the 2009 season. Tonight it's easy being green. Woo hoo!