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Pregame Open Thread

Since everybody's so pumped about the game, I'm putting this up for pregame chatter. Discuss whatever you'd like in there. Just keep it clean.

New England's win is bad news for those of you wishing Cincinnati will rest its starters. There's a decent chance the Bengals will have a shot at taking the field with the game being the difference between the 3 and 4 seed.

I'm not too upset, though. You may ask why. This gives the Jets a chance at really bruising Cincy for next week. A Jets win makes a rematch in the Wild Card round likely. I'd rather the Bengals not go in fresh. The Bengals playing their starters may make a Playoff spot a little less likely, but it makes a long stay in the Playoffs should the Jets get in more likely. Besides, if you can't beat a good team in your building with your season on the line, maybe you don't deserve to be in the big dance.

Discuss below. The official game thread will be up earlier than usual tonight.