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Jets A Problem To Teams In Post Season?

Good Morning Jets fans, how are the nerves this morning? I know mine are all over the place. Do or die, win and in, lose and we will have to hear about the 'same old Jets' for months until finally the draft comes around and we have something else to occupy our time. However that's not happening, nothing but confident thoughts today.

So was looking around and I saw an interesting article from the San Francisco Chronicle and it presented an argument that I have been thinking over the last few days, if we are to make it to the post season later today, will anyone really want to play us in the post season?

The real danger in this is the Colts and Bengals may live to rue the day they let the Jets waltz into the playoffs. Ryan runs the No. 1 total defense and No. 1 passing defense in the NFL. His rushing offense is also ranked No. 1.

What wins championships? Defense and a clock-control offense don't exactly hurt. Teams may wish they slammed the door on the Jets when they had the chance.

"I think we're built to be a team that can win in December and January," Ryan said. "I think we would be a very dangerous team if we make the playoffs."

Obviously I'm as biased as you can get, but try and move away from the fan perspective and think logically. Your in the post season, do you want to play the top ranked rushing offence and the top ranked defence? does the fact we have a rookie QB trump those to make us a popular choice for a team that wants to progress.

Like they say, anything can happen once a team makes it to the post season. Like Ryan says, this team may be built to win in January.