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Darrelle Revis Quotes at the Pro Bowl

Darrelle Revis spoke to the media during Pro Bowl preparation.



On Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning

"He’s just a mastermind at what he does. You show him something once and he remembers it, and he does all his audibles. He does four or five audibles in one play to get his guys the ball.


"The good thing about both of these guys (Manning and New Orleans QB Drew Brees) is they get rid of the ball very quick. They have got a lot of talent on both sides of the ball now, and they just make smart plays. They’re smart quarterbacks."


On Chad Ochocinco:

Me and Chad are great friends and now we get to play on the same team. It’s fun.


On whether the end of the season was a letdown:

It was a huge letdown of course we wanted to make it all the way. We had our ups and downs this season but we were able to get some good wins.


Anybody else feel bad for NFC receivers this Sunday?