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Why Not Joey Porter? Plenty of Reasons

Bob Glauber makes a case for the Jets signing Joey Porter, expected to be released by the Dolphins.

Porter is certainly worth a look-see from the Jets, and if Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum determine that he still has enough football life left in him, it makes perfect sense to sign him. The Jets can use more pass rushing help, despite the presence of outside linebackers Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas. The fact that Vernon Gholston, who was projected to become a dominant pass rusher in the 3-4 alignment, has been a bust makes it even more worthwhile to consider Porter.

Let me go on the record. I think this is a bad idea. Yes, Porter had 9 sacks last season. That was a drop of almost half his sack production from 2008. He's 32 years old. When a guy's production drops like that from year to year at that age, it's a sign of decline.

Fine, maybe you'll argue Porter's still better than what the Jets have and could beef up the pass rush. Not really. On top of the 9 sacks were only 11 pressures and 5 hits. Bryan Thomas had 21 pressures and 5 hits. Pressure is the name of the game, not sacks. A successful pass rusher gets to the quarterback consistently and forces early throws.  Porter was only marginally better than what the Jets had if that. He's also nowhere near the run defender Thomas is.

Should the Jets sign him for depth? Would he be happy with that role? Word out of Miami is he wouldn't accept a reduced role with the Dolphins. The guy is not a team player and a real locker room problem.

Is he a big name? Yes, but it doesn't seem like the Jets would be too smart targeting a player in decline who doesn't really represent an upgrade or solve the team's problems. He's also a guy willing to make himself a story if he's not happy. I don't think this is what the team needs.