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Kyle Wilson's Stock Rising

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I have been away from the computer for over 24 hours, and I had a player in mind to talk about when I got home, however it seems I'm not the only one connecting the dots on need and player performance. E.Weeks of The Jets Blog, beat me to the punch on the Kyle Wilson bandwagon hopping adventure.

I have been following the updates of the Senior Bowl practises pretty closely and one name continues to pop up on the radar, followed by Brett Favre type praise. A lot of people thought that a cornerback to play opposite Revis was a must this off-season. Wilson was initially considered a 2nd-3rd round prospect, but that is likely to change if he continues to constantly shut receivers down:

New Era Scouting reported on Wilson's play this week:

Kyle Wil­son (Boise State) had another impres­sive day and I think it is safe to say he is the best senior cor­ner­back in this class. While he is not a big guy, he was just killing receivers at the line with his press cov­er­age. He made Don­ald Jones look silly in the one-on-one drill which resulted in Can­field not even throw­ing the ball because of how bad Wil­son roughed him up.

One aspect of his game that I particularly like hearing about is his press coverage ability. I prefer corners to play up at the line and get physical with receivers, although I have no numbers to back this theory up, I thought we played a lot better in press than when we were off. Wilson is not a big guy, but he has the speed, he has the fluid motion, the recovery quickness, recognition and vision. If he is willing to put in the work in the film room, he is quickly becoming a first round dark horse.

Not saying we should draft him, but just saying keep an eye out for him over the next few weeks, his stock could soar over the coming weeks. Take a look at the highlights below, and see what you think, a first round talent?