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Sanchez Smokes a Cancer Stick?

A lot of people like to smoke when they drink. At the same time, they're not athletes and they're not franchise quarterbacks.

Mark Sanchez is.

Mark Cannizzaro, who covers the Jets for the NY post, reported this morning that on Tuesday night Sanchez was seen partying it up at "The Nick" in Birmingham, Ala.. He was in attendance at the club to show his support for a Brooklyn-based band called "Her & Kings County"

The prominent athlete was a class act as usual, as he signed autographs for many fans.The radiant role model we all know and love was truly the life of the club.

Unfortunately, eyewitnesses allegedly saw him briefly smoke a cigarette while in attendance.

Cigarettes have 4000+ chemicals. Whether you smoke one, or one million, you're ingesting toxins which are harmful to your body. We didn't trade up to draft him for a 3-year plan, we'd like him to stay awhile. In good health...