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Mark Sanchez's Knee Goes Through Tests

Mark Sanchez faces the most dreaded three words for any professional athlete, Doctor James Andrews.

There was a Mark Sanchez sighting Tuesday night, and it wasn't in New York, New Jersey or California.

The Post learned last night that Sanchez was in Birmingham, Ala., to have his right knee examined by renowned orthopedist, Dr. James Andrews.

It's believed Sanchez -- who suffered a sprained posterior cruciate in his right knee in the Jets' 19-13 win over the Bills on Dec. 3 in Toronto and missed a game -- was seeing Andrews to have it checked out in case any surgery needs to be done.

Not that I'm a medical expert, but considering Mark continued playing, it's tough to imagine this being anything too serious.

If anything, this gets me even more excited for next year. If Sanchez played that well in the postseason at less than 100%, just think of how good he'll be once he's healthy.