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Fake Rumor: Rhodes for Umenyiora?

At my day job some people were talking about a potential swap between the Jets and Giants of Kerry Rhodes for Osi Umenyiora. It's the first I've heard of any such talk. I don't think there's any truth to it at this point. There's nothing from any newspaper, radio, or television source. My guess is somebody heard it suggested on WFAN or a message board or something. It's a nice way to start a discussion, though. What's the offseason if not a time to play armchair GM?

I've heard crazier fake rumors in the past. This seems like the kind of deal that could really benefit both teams. These are two really talented guys coming off disappointing years who would probably benefit a fresh start. The Giants need secondary help. They have plenty of pass rushers in theory. The Jets can't get to the quarterback using four rushers. They need to find a guy who can consistently win one on one matchups.

I'm not sure how crazy I'd be about Umenyiora lining up at outside linebacker. Could he be effective standing up as a rusher? How would he be in coverage or in space? The Jets do use a lot of 4-3 looks, though. A line of Ellis, Jenkins, Pouha, and Umenyiora would be a good one.

What are your thoughts? Even though this trade isn't even legitimately rumored yet, would you pull the trigger?