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Shaun Ellis Goes to the Pro Bowl

Shaun Ellis has been selected to replace Robert Mathis on the AFC Pro Bowl roster.

Mathis is unable to play in the NFL’s all-star game in Miami on Sunday because he’ll be preparing for the Super Bowl against New Orleans the following week. Mathis is one of seven Colts players being replaced on the Pro Bowl roster.

Ellis will play in his second Pro Bowl, and first since the 2003 season, despite having a broken left hand that requires surgery.

"He's going to be out there with his club (cast) and he's ready to roll," Rex Ryan said today.

Good for Shaun. The numbers don't jump out at you, but successful 3-4 linemen tend to do the little things more than things that jump off the page. Shaun's been a great Jet during his 10 year career. There's a big difference between playing 4-3 end and 3-4 end. He's now made the Pro Bowl doing both.