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Braylon: Attitude Was Lacking

Braylon Edwards said the Jets lacked attitude in the second half.

The Jets were outscored, 17-0, in the second half Sunday, and wide receiver Braylon Edwards believes "attitude" was the problem, whatever that means.

The Colts "went in at halftime and regrouped and came out with a different attitude and we didn’t," said Edwards, who caught an 80-yard scoring pass in the second quarter, but had only one reception other than that. The Colts’ secondary had problems covering the Jets’ receivers.

When asked if the Jets were too conservative on offense in the second half, Edwards replied, "We didn’t have the same attitude in the second half that we did in the first half. Take that for what it is. I don’t know. Interview the players and the coaches. I can’t speak for everybody, it just wasn’t the same."

 Braylon had a history of being a malcontent in Cleveland. I hope people don't blow a comment like this out of proportion in light of that. He's right. The Colts went out and totally outplayed the Jets in the second half. Something was there for Indy that wasn't there for New York.