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A Deflating Finish

Make it 41 years and counting. An unlikely run came to the end today in Indianapolis. The Jets fought their hearts out, but the best player in football had his way with the defense in the second half.

You can say it was an incredible run considering the team had a rookie quarterback and a rookie head coach. You can say all considered, it was a heck of a run, especially given the struggles the Jets had in the middle of the year.You can say this team has a very bright future with a promising young quarterback. You would be right, but it just wasn't quite enough this year.

You can say the injuries to Shonn Greene and Donald Strickland changed the complexion of the game. You would be right, but this team didn't use injuries to even more integral players like Kris Jenkins and Leon Washington as an excuse.

You can say the officials blew a number of calls. You'd be right, but those calls came after the Colts took control of the game. They were in no way the difference.

I'm sure in a few weeks, we'll be able to look back on this season with a smile and be proud of the team. Right now, though, it just hurts. It's another blown double digit lead just like that 1998 AFC Championship in Denver. The Jets aren't AFC Champions. The Colts were better today. Peyton Manning might be the best ever in football. And it hurts.