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NOT the same old Jets

After being pushed around pretty good man to man wise by SD in the 1st  quarter and allowing them to take a 7-0 2nd quarter lead the Jets defense just flat out took over and  was completely dominant for the rest of game.

Just how dominant were the Jets on defense?

After Rivers 13 yd TD pass gave SD a 2nd qtr. lead they had eight more possessions between their two TD's. Here are the results of the eight possessions after the Chargers' first TD with 12:43 left in the 2nd qtr:
3 plays; 9 yds 1:42
3 plays; 5 yds 0:23
5 plays; 41 yds 0:36 (22 yd. draw against a deep Jets pass D)
TOP: (time of possession) 2:41
3rd quarter:
3 plays; 2 yards 1:04
4 plays; 2 yards 2:15
1 play; 0 yards 0:39
TOP: 3:58
In the first 11:24 of the 4th quarter:
6 plays; 4 yards 3:55
7 plays; 30 yards 2:39
TOP: 6:34
In a span of 38:41, or about 2.5 quarters of football the Jets defense allowed:
32 plays
93 yards (22 yd. draw against a deep Jets pass D)
TOP: 13:13
The game was won in a 14 minutes stretch between the defense stepping on the field after the Sanchez's INT & the offense stepping off the field after Greenes' 53 yard TD run.
Moments like these define games, they define teams and can define franchises. How far the moments at Qualcomm Stadium will carry the Jets today and beyond we'll know soon enough. How far these moments will help carry the Jets into the future is anybody's guess but now, right now, this a team to be reckoned with.
Injuries and fate are always the great equalizer but so are talent, belief, hard work and resiliency and many times the latter holds sway over the former because the truly great teams find ways to over come injuries and find a way to be pliable around fate.
These Jets have the look of a team that will not be a flash in the pan. These Jets have the look of a team that just might be here to stay for a while.
The Colts are a great team with a great QB and are perfectly capable of taking the Jets to the woodshed but regardless of the outcome there's one thing I'm already very comfortable with.One thing I think we already know about this Jets team and about what we can expect from them on Sunday.
Pack a lunch today Colt players and Colt fans. These are NOT the same old Jets.