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GGN Staff Picks

Here's what the writers of Gang Green Nation think about the game.


My head tells me beating the best player in the league in his building will be very difficult. The offense will have to control the ball on the ground to limit the time Peyton Manning has with it. The defense will have to play a terrific game. The secondary has to hold firm against an explosive passing game. The Jets may need a nonoffensive touchdown on either a Brad Smith return or a turnover.

The Jets actually have the right players to make all of this happen. My heart tells me it does, and Gang Green pulls a 20-17 upset.


Jets 24-17 Colts

Think we mix up the coverages, do a lot of pre snap stand up so as not to give Peyton a good look, mix up the blitzes force him to throw off his back foot. I'm pretty sure we go into the half with a deficit, but the ground and pound will start to show mid 3rd,  and we control the clock, pick up a couple of late scores and move onto the Superbowl. I hope that Schotty abandons the pre snap shifts, lets stay true to our game, stay with the run, and when we do ask Sanchez to throw, get him on the move, with lightning fast defensive ends, we can't have him standing in the pocket. We will need good games across the board, and it's going to be a very tough ask, but I see no reason not to believe in this team, let's hope everyone shows up to play and we take it to the Colts and give them a game they won't forget.


We've mentioned the effectiveness of smash-mouth football, and how it is a recipe for success in the postseason. When you can run the football effectively, control the clock/time of possession, and keep the best player on the planet (Peyton Manning) off the field, you put yourselves in a position to win games. The Jets will do just that, and if they can play turnover-free football and limit the short-fields for Peyton, they will squeak out the win and punch their ticket to Miami! J-E-T-S 20, COLTS 18.


Well, I'm not really superstitious, but I haven't made any predictions all year and I won't start now.  Let me just say that in Rex I trust.


The way to beat the Colts is to hold them to FG's early in the game and get Manning pressing. As great as Manning, is he's human, and even he gets frustrated.  To keep him frustrated, the Jets need to continually mix up their pass coverages at Manning's presnap read
Offensively the Jets need to go up top early to try and get the quick score against a suspect defensive backfield or at least get Indy's DB's to back off at the LOS.  The Jets need to continue their ground and pound game to keep Peyton and the boys on the bench. They can't lose the turnover battle, they must score TD's once inside of the redzone and they must make some first downs to be effective in the battle for field position.

Jets 19-16.
What's your pick?