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New York Jets Run Defense vs. Indianapolis Colts Run Offense

The Colts really only run the ball to keep a defense honest. It sets Peyton Manning up to use play action. They gained 3.5 per run in the regular season. The figure hit 1.7 last week against the Ravens. Indy uses two backs, Joseph Addai and Donald Brown. Brown is the bigger breakaway back.

When Indy does run, it is often outside. What scares me is Calvin Pace. Pace has been taking bad angles and running himself out of run plays all year. If he blows a responsibility, it could turn into a big gain, particularly with Brown. Bryan Thomas seems less apt to allow a big run like that. The corners also might have extra on their plate in run support, which won't be easy considering the receivers they'll be asked to shut down, but New York does have sound tacklers at corner.

Sione Pouha's play will be key. He'll be against Jeff Saturday, a very capable center. If Saturday can block him single handedly, Indy may have a chance at running it a little. If Pouha draw doubles, forget about it. David Harris and Bart Scott will stay clean and snuff out any run attempts.