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Jets Pep Rally Goes Down With A Bang



In anticipation of this weekends game, A Pep Rally hosted by New York radio personality Michael Kay was held on newly named 'Revis Island' to give the Jets a send off that they would remember. There to fire up the crowd was Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, current star Leon Washington and former great Curtis Martin as well as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"Sunday's game in Indianapolis will be as tough as it gets, but anyone who has counted out these underdogs the last few weeks has regretted it," Bloomberg said. "Two years ago, we renamed Brady's Bar 'Manning's,' and this year we're thinking even bigger. Starting today through the end of the playoffs, Manhattan Island is hereby renamed 'Revis Island.' "

Curtis Martin led the crowd in the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS chant, as confidence spread throughout that what once was the impossible had now become possible. Everyone will meet people this week who insist that it can't be done, but don't tell that to anyone who attended the festivities last night. This team is confident, it is prepared and it's going to hit the challenge head on, like only a Rex Ryan team knows how. If we do go down, were going to go down swinging, and at the end of the 60 minutes, the Colts will know that they have been in not just a game but a war, and we are confident that we will be the ones left standing.

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