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House Money Game?

It's an interesting question. How upset can Jets fans really be upset if the team loses Sunday?

Answer 1: The Colts have the best player on the planet and are at home. They didn't lose a game this year when they played their starters the entire game. The Jets have a rookie quarterback who was very mistake prone. At 4-6, wouldn't you have signed on to make the final four even if it meant a loss? This team is set up for the future very well with a strong foundation of talented young players and an excellent coach. You can't take a loss too hard.

Answer 2: It's been over four decades since we've seen a Super Bowl. How much longer can we wait? How often does a chance like this come? This is the NFL. There are no guarantees from year to year. Jets teams in future years may have more talent on paper but never get this far again. Think back to 1998. We all thought the team would be back after that bitter loss at Denver. Then Vinny Testaverde gets hurt in the first game of the next season, and all hope is lost. Think of all of the seasons that began with high hopes only to be shattered by Chad Pennington injuries. We never know what the future will hold. This team needs to take care of business now.

Both points seem valid. I lean more to Answer 2. It's been too long. Let's not wait another second.