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Mocking Francesa

SNY's Michael Salfino takes aim at Mike Francesa's irrational refusal to give the Jets any credit.

Jets fans are apoplectic over the "childish condescension" shown by churlish WFAN radio talk-show host Mike Francesa, who has taken over the antagonistic schtick of former partner Chris Russo to such a degree that it's as if he's swallowed the Mad Dog whole.

Francesa is a New York sports institution who sets the tone locally like no person in a generation -- and perhaps like no other person. That's astounding given all the media fragmentation today. He's a living anachronism, with his due diligence still consisting of the Daily News sports section. He relies on the "computer between his ears" instead of the wealth of data now a mouse click away. The consequences are often comical, but less so than his pigheadedness when he's been proven wrong.

Salfino generates a few quotes from me to mock Francesa the way he mocks the Jets.

I have a bit of advice to anybody who gets really bugged by Mike's antics. Just don't listen. There are plenty of better ways to spend an afternoon than listen to some know nothing try and rile people up. I generally don't mind the guy, but he's clearly just trying to get people riled up. Nothing will bug him more than people ignoring his childish and dumb commentary.